Apple to Release Multiple Phones, Possibly a Smartphone

We trust analysts as far as we trust bankers and financial analysts, but one from Prudential says Apple will enter the cell phone space with two phones next year, possibly as early as Q1 ’07.

The analyst says Apple will be releasing a smartphone with WiFi, and a keyboard, possibly hooking into many of Apple’s iLife or communications applications. So far there’s only been talk of a regular cellphone without the smartphone features but with a 3-megapixel camera, a 2.2-inch display and iPod capabilities.

Whether the smartphone and the regular phone will be one and the same, or whether they turn out to be high-end and low-end iPhone offerings is still yet to be seen. But it’s likely that at least one phone will be available in January at MacWorld.

Apple phone line to include “smart phone”? [Think Secret]