Phillips Brings Ambient to Video Games

There is nothing worse than playing a video game and having no peripheral stimulation. Sure, you’ve got the big TV, you’re playing Halo, you get the Wraith, but everything surrounding your 42″ flat panel is distracting the hell out of you. There is no remedy.

But Philips has an idea. It’s taken that “ambient backlit flat TV” thing up a notch with its amBX system. These lights, which you spread around your “gaming environment”, are meant to match the ambient lighting of your video game, so you’re “in” the game. In addition, they have fans, to simulte the air rushing by your soldier’s head as he runs through a field.


We’re not sure when this will debut or how much it will cost, but it’s about a useless as a movie script at Ben Affleck’s house, and if it’s remotely as popular as their TVs with the same concept, look for us to rush out and buy this never.

Philips amBX system
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