Nintendo Wii Preorders Starts Tomorrow

Gamestop sent out emails earlier today letting everyone who signed up for the Nintendo Wii preorder notification know that preorders be available tomorrow, Friday the 13th. Like we stated yesterday, you probably won’t need to preorder a Nintendo Wii due to so many consoles coming out on launch day. Still, there will be bit of Nintendo fans out there that are going to go and preorder the Wii anyway (I know I am).

Gavin (also a Nintendo fan) of CrunchGear, has notified me that he won’t be able to make a Wii preorder for himself tomorrow. He’s asking for somebody in Chicago to help him out. If you, or someone you know, can be a kind and gentle human being and place a preorder for him (he’ll pay for it) – email him at He thanks you.

Wii Preorders Start Tomorrow