Sony MDR-D777LP Altus Headphones For Listening To Stuff At 80KHz, Not That You Actually Can

The headline may express a certain lack of enthusiasm, but these new headphones from Sony look pretty sweet considering their price tag is $149. The MDR-D777LP Altus headphones have closed earcups, however they feature an “ambient sound-in switch” that lets you hear external noise like open-type cups would, such as that car coming at you that’s about to run that red and nail your ass in the crosswalk. The “aura-nomic” design (a word I’m pretty sure Sony made up) promises extreme comfort thanks to ear-and-head cushioning, and a single-sided cord, which aren’t used on nearly enough higher-end headphones. Since these are made to be mobile, Sony made them collapseable and includes a pouch for storage. Finally, the 40mm high-definition driver units with Neodymium magnets produce sound from 8Hz to 80KHz and are angeled parallel to your eardrum to reduce pressure–features you don’t find regularly in portable headphones.

Sony MDR-D777LP Altus Stereo Headphones [Pre-order Page]