Xploder is Coming to America

Blaze Games announced today that it would be releasing it’s Xploder HDTV package in the States. The system allows PS2 users to upconvert PS2 games for use with HDTV.

Compatible with over 95% of all PS2 games, the Xploder HDTV Player is a unique software utility that unlocks the inherent High Definition capabilities of PS2 games – providing gamers with 480p, 576p, 720p and 1080i HD modes. Simply load the disc, select the required settings from the simple on-screen interface and position the screen image for optimal playback, before loading the game.

It will be available later this month for $49.99 and it comes with a high-quality RGB component cable to connect the PS2 directly to the HDTV.

Xploder HDTV Player