MTV Acquires Harmonix Music Systems

MTV, on a goal to buy out music-oriented games, has recently acquired Hamonix Music Systems. Harmonix Music Systems is known for its hit game Guiar Hero , and if you haven’t played it yet, you should. The buyout was for a massive $175 millions dollars- in cash. MTV wants to expand musical gaming onto its website, virtual worlds, and its coming mobile services. It seems MTV is slowly trying to buy out musical-gaming developers to expand itself into the gaming world.

“It is about people coming to MTV who are passionate about music and wanting to interact on deeper and deeper levels,” said Christina Norman, the president of MTV. “It’s not just about wearing the T-shirt.”

Turns out MTV is about music, not commercialism! Harmonix has also developed a line of karaoke game programs that MTV hopes to promote, and make available on its web sites and the digital virtual world (VMT), it will be introducing next year. Let us hope that MTV doesn’t start plugging its own paid content into our games – the last thing we need is to rock out on Guitar Hero to the latest Britney Spears.

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