Apple Says, "It's Showtime;" Everyone Freaks Out


Products like the iMac and iPod Nano are growing long in the tooth, so it’s likely they’re going to get updates at the same time. Word on the grapevine is that the iMac will stretch to 23-inches, as well as getting a Core Duo 2 upgrade. The Nano will likely gain capacity and relaunch in a rainbow of colors, as Apple likes to do.

Unknown is whether or not we’ll be getting an update to the current iPod with Video, from 30/60GB configurations to 40/80GB versions (possible), or if we’ll be seeing a brand-new, 6G iPod, the “true” Video iPod that’s been rumored for close to a year now. The former is likely as the iPod is almost a year along with no updates at all, and hard drive capacity has increased since it’s launch while prices have dropped. The latter is unlikely, as sources say the “true” Video iPod is still a few months off, as Apple is waiting to see what Big Redmond does with Zune. But Apple’s surprised us before, so we can’t say for certain what will happen with iPod.

The big news we should see is a brand new device that’s making the conjecture circles: a stand-alone gadget for streaming video to televisions and home theater systems. This WiFi-capable toy would tie in nicely with the iTunes Movie Store, as you’d be able to download “Deuce Bigealo: Male Gigalo” for $14.99 and watch it on your fancypants HD system, without having to burn anything (except maybe your brain). It may be able to send video both ways, allowing your Mac Mini to do double-duty as a PVR.

What we don’t expect is the still-rumored iPhone, an iPod-ish cellphone. Rumors run the range from a basic phone with 4GB storage for MP3s to a full-on smartphone running a portable version of OS X, with WiFi, satellite radio, clairvoyance, magic missiles and a +3 longsword. Don’t hold your breath for this one, because even though it’s a sure bet Apple’s working on something iPhoney, Tuesday, September 12, probably won’t be its where and when.

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