Nintendo WiFi Connection claims 2 Million Users

nintendo-ds-wi-fi-2-million.jpgI have a Powerglove. I’ve had it since I was a kid. And I had a U-Force, the equally-jokable “hands free” controller for the NES. Both of these “revolutionary” controllers were touted as being “wireless”, as that was to be the next big thing in gaming. In reality, they sucked. And had wires.

Fast forward 15 years, and it appears Nintendo has gotten it right. The Nintendo DS was definatly a step forward in portable gaming, with it’s touchscreen and built-in WiFi being key features. But with everybody offering their own gaming network, nobody gave credence to Nintedo’s claims that their WiFi Connection would be a success. Turns out they were right.

This week, Nintendo has announced that they’ve reached the 2 million user mark. That’s not a bad milestone when you consider that on May 9th, they were only at 1.3 million, and the service is only about a year old. And with a new and highly anticipated Star Fox Command coming soon, with WiFi dogfights, you can bet that number will rise significantly.

2 Million Already Tapped Into Ninteno DS Wi-Fi. I’m Impressed. [i4U News]