MyWhatSpace sends group messages in MySpace

I don’t know if this violates the MySpace terms of service or not, I wouldn’t be surprised, but it’s cool. MyWhatSpace is a PC desktop app that lets you separate your MySpace friends into groups and send messages to all the members of any group at once. So I can send one message to college friends, one to family members, etc.

This would be a very logical feature for MySpace to include itself, but it doesn’t. In the meantime, leave it up to four guys in New Mexico to put together a tool and fold in some AdSense. What a great example of the superior agility of a small team. It’s so easy to use and could come in so handy that it just might work as part of a small business.

Imagine if all the people developing tools for spamming and otherwise making the online social networking space even dirtier spent their time making tools like this instead. Let’s hope MySpace doesn’t give these guys a hard time. The company has shut down two other services (DatingAnyone and operating alongside MySpace in recent months. It certainly seems like a loss for everyone when a company shuts down small start ups working in conjunction, not competition, with a large popular service.